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Carter/ Lewis research

Discussion in 'Research Names' started by Veronica McNab, Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. Veronica McNab

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    Western Australia
    Researching the family of Ada Carter born 29/4/1988 Little Wittenham, Wallingford, Berkshire. (daughter of Jacob and Jane Carter, nee Steptoe).
    Some of her siblings were Sarah, George, Edward, Kate, Fred, James, Elizabeth.

    Also Lewis family : Ada Carter married Edgar Lewis born 1893 Wales (Edgar Francis Lewis, Edgar Cyprian Francis Stephen Lewis) drapers assistant in Marylebone London in 1921.
    Father Thomas Lewis a master Tailor in Marylebone London in 1921.

    Edgar (Edgar Francis) and Ada married 1/12/1921 had a son David born Feb 1922 in London and later moved to Canada.
    Edgar Cyprian Lewis died June1976 buried Woodlawn Cemetery Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
    Ada died and buried same place 9/6/1968
    Edgar doesn't always use his full name every time!

    David had two children (that I know about) David and Barry (I believe are still alive)
    David Thomas Lewis son of Ada died 2006 British Columbia and buried in the same cemetery as his mother and father I believe.
    There is a David Lewis died 1953 there also?
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