Patience cares nothing for poetry

Blog entry posted in 'Patience cares nothing for poetry', Nov 18, 2013.

Well, I know that probably the last thing that you want to think about is Christmas, but it is only just over 5 weeks away! :eek: In view of that, we are holding our first ever Christmas competition – and it is a stunning prize. Thank you, Blackmogs. :D Why not click here and have a go. ;)

Although Shellymac has the death certificate of one Robert Renfrew, who died on 6th August 1913 of some rather horrific injuries, she has not managed to discover how Robert sustained those injuries. We have been looking for newspaper reports of any accident that might have befallen the poor chap, but none has been found as yet. Can you help at all?

Many of us recognise naming patterns in our ancestors’ families and can see children named after parents and grandparents etc. However, every so often, we can be thrown a curve ball and a name appears that is completely unknown to us. One chap, born this day in 1836, had the middle name of Schwenk which, as his first name was the same as that of his father, seemed to appear from nowhere. Was it the name of his maternal parents, by any chance? Nope! His mother’s maiden name was Morris, so there were no clues there. As it turned out, young William happened to be named after his father’s Godparents! ;) So now you know what the S stood for in W.S. Gilbert’s name – he who partnered Arthur Sullivan to create the very successful Savoy Operas. :D Oh yes – “Patience cares nothing for poetry” is the basis for Gilbert & Sullivan’s 6th opera. :)

Remember to keep those eyes peeled for any unusual names in your own family history. There could be an interesting tale to tell. ;)
  1. Half Hour
    Funny, we were just talking about my late father-in-law's name yesterday. There are no Ivor's that I have found on either side, but he was given the name Ivor. Guess I have to look outside the box!
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    Half Hour, Nov 18, 2013
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