3 brothers to South Africa before 1900

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    I have 3 brothers:
    Wiliam Henry Roberts born 6 Aug. 1866
    James Frederick "" born 16 Mar. 1871
    Cecil "" born 24 Sep. 1875

    Their father - William Henry - was a Miner and died 1st q. 1890.

    Of the 3 brothers only Cecil was with his widowed mother in 1891 - RG12/1850/5/4 - his occupation Printers Assistant.

    From a reliable contact, I have learned that William Henry jr. died in Johannesburg, South Africa 3 Nov. 1890. Ancestry has no South African records relating to marriages or deaths so am struggling to find details about whether he married and where he might be buried.

    James Frederick appears to have returned from South Africa but I cannot find his departure from England or his date of arrival back, however I have a Probate Record for a death of a James Frederick Roberts who died 2 Dec 1903. It states he was a Miner and that he died at Fordsburg, Transvaal Colony, South Africa and Administration was granted to a widow Elizabeth Ann Roberts. I have a marriage 2nd q. 1900 likely in Camborne, Cornwall - vol. 5c page 371 to either Elizabeth Ann Bennetts or Mary Jacka but neither can be found in 1901 census. A tree has him marrying Elizabeth Ann Bennetts 12 Apr. 1900 in Redruth and 2 children being born - Dorothy on 10 Feb. 1901 and James Leslie on 8 Mar. 1902 and this son is with his Grandparents in Camborne - William John and Mary Bennetts. No sign of the mother or daughter Dorothy in 1901 or 1911.

    As for Cecil a tree has details of him marrying in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on 9 Jul. 1903. Nothing else is known.

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