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    I've finally found the marriage of my ancestors Michael & Martha Foster, thanks to the EPRI. My in body Approval Rating Meter has registered that as a plus for the EPRI. :D

    Michael Foster married Martha Burr 16 May 1689 Beauchamp Roding, Essex, St Botolph.

    Their daughter Martha Foster was baptised 21 Jun 1691 at Margaret Roding and she married Michael Green in 1711 at Shellow Bowells, Shellow Bowells is very close to the Rodings so it all fit together well.

    The name Shellow Bowells has always fascinated me, but that marriage is my only link to the place, Michael & Martha Green had no children baptised there, nor did Michael & Martha Foster, in fact the EPRI only comes up with one of their children Martha Foster1691.

    I haven't tried yet to go back beyond those two couples, there seems to be an abundance of Greens and Fosters in Essex. :rolleyes: :D
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    Wow. You have done well. :):)
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