Alfred Charles Davis, born Birmingham 1877

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    Alfred is the son of Henry and Mary Davis, born about 7 months after Henry died. His birth was registered in the September quarter of 1877 and he was baptised 5 August 1877 at Christ Church Birmingham. He appears in the 1881 census, which is the last definite record of him, although he may have enlisted with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in 1895 and served with them until his discharge in 1907.

    A marriage to Lucy Harding registered in 1910 can be disregarded, as can the two entries in the Birmingham 1939 Registers. He possibly died in Birmingham in the June quarter of 1949.
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    Possibly not the same person, but in 1930 the electoral rolls show a Charles Alfred Davis at 107 Blythswood Road, Moseley (with a Lena Hilliard). In 1927 he is listed alone at 38 Ninfield Road, Acocks Green. !930-1947 he is at 103 Severne road (Mosely, Acocks Green or Hall Green , depending on year) with Mary Ann Davis, and various other Davis's, presumably offspring. !950 he has gone, but Mary ann is there till 1952. This is all from Midland Historical data site. The last items at Serverne Road would seem to fit with your possible death. (note. not all years are online)
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