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    I have received the following information via my local Family History Group and thought that it could be of interest to you.

    The Imperial War Museum in Duxford launched the project in October 2014 and, as it is still only 6 months old, contributions are very much still being sought.

    The American Air Museum website ( seeks to record the stories of American airmen and women based in Britain during the Second World War and the British people they met. The website showcases a collection of thousands of photographs which depict people, planes, places and missions. The website can be added to and edited by anyone who registers, following a very simple sign-up process on the website itself, and is completely free to use.

    We expect that the content of the site will be of interest to your membership, as highlights include wartime aerial photography from English Heritage’s archive and many intriguing photographs of US troops socialising with UK civilians. Some people browsing the site have already recognised relatives and friends.

    The kinds of things which others have done to date include:

    · Identifying the people and places shown in the photographs already on our site and adding captions online.

    · Scanning a personal photo album or local photograph collection and sharing the pictures on our website

    · Creating a record for a British civilian (a relative or yourself) who has memories of the Americans in Britain and adding their memories and biography to the website

    · Carrying out oral history interviews.

    This sounds rather exciting! :D
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    It certainly does, unfortunately I can't help but do wish I could.
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