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    at least it was for me.

    I had just finished a post on Sue's topic "Counties by another name", mentioning West Ham and Silvertown, that led me to check my Family Group Sheet for the siblings of my wife's mother. I saw that I only had birth years for eight of the ten children which I had obtained from the Free BMD, the two I had were the first and last child of the family, the last being my late mother-in-law.

    I checked Ancestry's Essex Parish Register Index (EPRI) and found the cut off date of 1813 meant that they could all be there.

    The eldest Ethel was born and baptised in Woolwich the dates for which I already had, for seven of the other nine children I was able, thanks to the EPRI, to get both birth and baptism dates for them. For some reason there were two children Alfred Oliver Hasting born 1895 and Charles Henry 1899 both in the West Ham Registry district, as they were the 2nd and 4th born children no doubt they were born in Silvertown like the rest, no matter what I tried I couldn't find them in the EPRI.

    The seven I found were baptised at St Mark, Victoria Docks, North Woolwich Road, Silvertown, Essex. The church is no longer used as a church and apparently for years lay abandoned. In 1981 it caught fire and was only saved because the roof falling in let down "an accumulation of Pigeon muck which extinguished the fire".

    The church is now The Brick Lane Music Hall, it has a licence which allows Marriages and Civil Partnerships to be performed there.

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