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Discussion in 'Research Hints' started by Dee Dee, Jul 9, 2013.

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    It certainly does to me AnnB, but that doesn't mean you're clear of..
    'dadadadadada'.. I accept other stuff which comes along as maybe /also in life.
    Computer files are a never ending source of, oh hey, there you were, when all else fails.
    So send to external drive' & sort it later, oh yeah, hahaaaaa!
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    You really believe computers have minds!! It's a piece of inanimate machinery that only does what it's told to do :)

    Problem is, some dimwit pimply yoof somewhere has told it what to do on the basis that all the end-users are mindless morons who haven't a clue. So the computer's mind defies all logic and resists all efforts of intelligent people to understand what it is doing. And the manual, such as it is, is on a cloud somewhere, not in a simple book that you can take to wherever is comfortable and study it.

    The result is that the computer stores all your files, downloads etc in a folder at the end of a long string of folders and sub-folders that, when you try to copy and paste the string, it has been curtailed and it is meaningless.

    SO, I create my own "Data" folder on my hard drive and sub-divide it as necessary. The beauty is that everything I create is stored under "Data" which makes copying or backing up files easy -- I just copy the "Data" folder.

    Every programme on your computer will allow you to change its default location for storing files, even your browser. You might have to work at it and get inside the mind of the dimwit pimply yoof to do it but it can be done. All my programmes point to "Data" when I hit the save as button, giving me the opportunity to choose which sub-folder I want to save a file. And anything which I download is directed to C:\Data\Downloads by default because I often don't get a chance to specify where a downloaded file goes before it disappears at the will of the dimwit pimply yoof.

    All the best,
    Malcolm Webb
    Lincoln UK
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    When my wife and I started out on Windows 7 a few years ago, we discovered that when using Firefox (as I do), downloaded files go where you expect them to, and there's no problem finding them. In Internet Explorer (which Mrs K uses), however, they went to some obscure folder deep in the folder hierarchy, and couldn't be found by Windows inbuilt search facility.

    I'm not sure whether this behaviour has been changed by updates to Windows 7 and/or Internet Explorer, but we found two ways to deal with this:
    (a) Use a different search program - we now have Agent Ransack (free) from Mythicsoft, which has never failed us. (There's an alternative version called FileLocator Lite, identical in all but name, as Agent Ransack might sound a bit inappropriate for corporate environments.)
    (b) Once you know which folder your downloads are going to, make a shortcut to it on your desktop.

    If anyone is still having problems, hopefully this will help.
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    Ann...the same thing happened to me... I think I have finally learned to save to a different file than the one that was last open, but sometimes I forget and end up with saved stuff in with pictures from some obscure date. figure out how to move them :eek:

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