Annie Caroline Wraight nee Venner

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    I think that I have solved the mystery of the above.
    Annie born 1891 at Whitstone,Cornwall ,married Arthur Frederick Wright in 1913 at St John the baptist and Arthur was an ironmonger . I believe that Annie died in 1919 as the age is correct.
    Looking for a 2nd marriage for Arthur I found a possible one in 1920 at Southwark to Ellen B Smith.
    Searching for those names I find that Arthur and Ellen are on the Massachusetts,Boston Passenger list in 1936.
    He was an ironmonger and his address was Halling,Kent and that ties in with his occupation and address when he married Annie.
    1939 they are back in Wandsworth.
    Why go to the US age 50 and back again I don't know.

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