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    Talking to a friend a few months ago, he told us he is making audio files of his own childhood memories for his grandchildren so that they can hear his stories in his own voice when he is no longer here. He is recording and editing the files in a free programme called "Audacity". My wife thought it was a wonderful idea but we haven't done anything about it yet.

    I am currently working on a project for our Rotary District Conference in September and needed to edit some audio clips for our District Governor to illustrate her talk. I downloaded "Audacity" yesterday evening and, after watching a 5-minute tutorial video on YouTube, I was able to edit the audio files, cutting out introductions etc so that some of the song clips just play from "the chorus".

    I haven't recorded anything yet but the potential is wonderful and the programme is so easy to use. Once I get a set of USB headphones with a microphone attached, my wife will be away with her own recordings of her childhood memories for our grandchildren.

    Even though it is free software, I won't give the link. Just Google "Audacity" (without the quotes) -- the first 8 hits take you to the website or a to download site.

    All the best.

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