Baptism oops or was it correct?

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    Forgive me, this is rather long but I felt needed backups.
    I have found I believe a small inconsistancey in a Baptism.Not a great concern but I wanted to include it in my Legacy file if possible.

    The Baptism I found for a birth in 1880 is this one:-
    Name: Alfred Lowman - plumber- 26 Nutford Place.
    Record Type: Baptism
    Baptism Date: 24 Oct 1880
    Baptism Place: St Marylebone St Luke, Westminster, England
    Father: Henry Lowman
    Mother: Ella Lowman
    Register Type: Parish Registers.
    facts:Mother's Maiden Surname:
    GRO Reference: 1880 M Quarter in MARYLEBONE Volume 01A Page 609

    Marriages Jun 1876
    Lowman Henry + Gilbert Hannah Marylebone 1a-1025
    Henry - a plumber
    GRO Reference: 1878 M Quarter in MARYLEBONE Volume 01A Page 580
    Born 25 Dec. 1877
    Bapt'd 27 Jan 1878 St. Luke, Nutford Place. Henry a plumber 26 Nutford Place
    Name: Anna Lowman
    Spouse: Henry Lowman
    Child: Sarah Amy Lowman b.12 Aug. 1883, Bapt'd..9 Sep. 1883
    St. Lukes, Marylebone
    1901- RG13; Piece: 110; Folio: 57; Page: 1 Alfred-electrician, wireman
    `1891- RG12; Piece: 96; Folio: 136; Page: 30 -builder's foreman -Knutford Place
    1881- RG11; Piece: 148; Folio: 26; Page: 45
    26 Nutford Place -Plumber
    1903 marriage
    Name: Alfred Lowman -electrician
    Gender: Male
    Marriage Age: 23
    Record Type: Marriage
    Birth Date: abt 1880
    Marriage Date: 29 Jul 1903
    Marriage Place: St Marylebone, Westminster, England
    Father: Henry Lowman -now a builder
    Spouse: Alice Maud Sandford
    Register Type: Parish Register
    1920 Knutford place.
    1939 I believe this couple are boarding house keepers in Margate, Kent.
    ages a bit fudges so cannot be positive.
    A Henry Lowman married Ellen Mary Ann Godwin in 1973- she was later listed as Mary Ann in censuses.
    Back to the query, has there been an error in Baptism notes or am I in error?
    p.s. Henry's Mother was I think Sarah.

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