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Burial Records "The Royal Garrison Church Old Portsmouth"

Discussion in 'Royal Navy & Royal Marines' started by Lindylou, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Hampshire U.K.
    Hello again everyone,

    I haven't been asleep:), just seeing what I can find out for myself after all your help.

    I was just looking up one of my (yet to be proved) Ancestors, "Mathew Slack", whom my Auntie tells me is buried at the Royal Garrison Church, in Old Portsmouth Hampshire, and came across this site, which shows you a book, (which you can turn the pages of), and shows you a lot of the people who are buried there, and information abut them.

    The site is; The story of "Domus Dei" of Portsmouth commonly called The Royal Garrison Church. Sorry I am not sure how to do the link thingy :confused:

    If you also look up about the Church's grave transcriptions, there is a list of them all.

    I thought this might be useful for anyone looking for their Naval Ancestors.

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