Can anyone suggest what this name is?

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    The entry on the Essex Parish Register Index on Ancestry: Elizabeth Pe?? baptised 1 Sep 1667 at White Roding (Essex) daughter of Henry & Mary.



    I have tried on the EPRI using a search of 1657 to 1777 Essex, no first name or gender, plus pe*, p* & p*p*, hoping to find someone else with a surname that would appear likely, nothing doing.

    I''m wondering if anyone can come up with anything like, it does look as thought there could be 2, possibly 3 ps in that surname.

    Eureka! Solved it, Pepper, looking at the name again and stretching the imagination to see that 2 of the ps might be next to each other. So I went back in to the search and used pepper 1657 to 1777 again, plus Essex and up came a whole heap of Peppers including:-
    Ann Pepper bap 2 Nov 1663 White Roding of Henry & Mary
    Elizabeth Pepper bap 7 Feb 1667 Margaret Roding of John & Anne.
    Mary Pepper bap 2 Nov 1668 Margaret Roding of John.

    Now why the hell didn't they show in my previous searches, grrr. :mad: :D

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