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    As many of you know, I have a leaning to develop my tree to include distant cousins. My Hodges family is no exception. Over tha past few weeks they've led me a merry chase - but a 5th cousin warrants an inclusion all to herself in this forum.

    She was born 12 July 1909, in British Columbia and the family returned to England arriving 29 November 1913. She died 4th q. 1996 in Worthing, Sussex. During the intervening years, she moved to Hereford, Herefordshire and in the late 1930's, she met and married her husband 2nd q. 1939.

    It is he that I am now talking about.
    His name was Colin Archibald Campbell Ross.
    I don'r as yet have their marriage cerificate. A daughter was born 3rd q. 1945 in Tonbridge Wells. He was aged about 27 when he married. The natural conclusion to be drawn was that he was in Military Service during the intervening years.

    Googling his name brought forth an article - Source: St. Paul's Cathedral Music Foundation - Newsletter August 2011.
    From this document I learned about Mr. C.A.C. Ross. Here is what it states:
    "Colin Archibald Campbell Ross - 1947-1951.
    Colin Campbell Ross was deputy organist at Hereford Cathedral 1935-1940 and then Organist and Director of the Choir at St. Barnabas', Tonbridge Wells. His appointment to Melbourne was on the recommendation of Sir William McKie who was Organist at Westminster Abbey. Campbell Ross resigned after 3 years and returned to England where he became Organist and Choirmaster at Newcastle Cathedral 1955-1966."

    A far cry from what I rhought.

    Did any of our forum members ever attend services at these places of worship when he was i8n attendance?
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