Churches & where to find them in London

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    This morning an email from a Sussex Family History Group informed me of a listing for churches in Southwark. Oh goodie thought I, as I'm still trying to work out where they all were & whether or not two were the same but listed in next suburb -sorry- Parish.

    I viewed then thought eh? there are a few missing.
    "You can also perform a more selective search for churches in the Southwark area or see them printed on a map." I was informed.
    Excellent ! There they were...17 pages of them although I do think they extended quite a bit past the outskirts of Southwark. I'm not too sure from 'where' the distances are said to be.
    When you have a bit of time on your hands to find that elusive church or just view a few- not all have photos- I now feel better armed to go to my Legacy locations & tidy up a few more places of BMD.,-0.090782,3

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    Thanks for that Wendy - and a good reminder not to forget Genuki....:)

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