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Discussion in 'General Family History Queries' started by Ma-dotcom, Mar 14, 2018.

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    Now, with new lots of distant cousins coming into play I have oodles of names to delve into, trying to find the connections.
    Seems everyone is from the USA lately [ 5th - 8th cousins].

    Reading Colin's post recently https://genealogy-specialists.com/threads/you-cant-believe-everything-you-read-on-a-death-cert.9192/ made me wonder just how many people get on trying to find the Daddy or even the real Mother with all of the extra activies some people indulged in before moving on.

    How many little worlds were turned upside down when the results proved one thing instead of the other? Many difficulties ahead for some especially if 'parents' or older rellies had died & not left any clues as to parentage. A birth or any certificate is only as good as the info. offered for it.

    Hopefully this DNA happening can lead to good news for some who were adopted or otherwise separated from family as with children sent o'seas or merely adopted from orphanages or homes for unwed Mothers whether legally or not.
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    I had a brick wall come tumbling down yesterday 8(:-) due to getting my Aunty to do her DNA. It's been frustrating not being able to find maternal gt grandfather, as the place of birth he give there was no family of that name there!!! Thought I would have to wait for the 2021 census but thankfully not anymore....
    Even the brilliant people on here couldn't find his early life.
    Turns out his mother was unmarried so in early census he had her maiden name, she then married prior to 1891. For some reason in 1906, he decided to marry using his stepfather's name :confused:

    On a DNA forum there are people posting saying they have found a unknown father of a grandparent/gt grandparent.
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    When we first got our results I was contacted from one of hubby's 3rd cousins regarding another party ( P ) who is a joint match to both of them. She was trying to find a possible clue to her father and family. A couple of weeks ago a lady who was helping this person ( P ) contacted me and asked a few more questions and then yesterday I heard again from her how they have narrowed the father down to a descendant of a 3X gr. aunt of my husband. It does seem to work!
    I have illegitimate ancestors, but so far haven't found any clues. Too many of my matches don't have trees.:(
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