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    Hello! I joined this site awhile ago but haven't taken the time to post but today was the day I thought I would post a little bit about my Nash line who lived in Dodderhill...

    I can go back pretty far with my Nash family but I am not sure how accurate it is past my 5g grandparents, William and Diana Hadon Nash. William was the son of (I think) Thomas Nash and Mary (maiden name unknown). Diana was the daughter of Humphrey Hadon and Elizabeth Bate.

    William Nash was born about 1704 and died 7 Aug 1772. He is buried in Hanbury. Diana was born in Stock & Bradley and died in 1789 and is buried in Hanbury. They had 9 children: Mary (died young), Diana (m Sanders), Elizabeth (died young), Mary (m Whitehouse), William, Jr, Humphrey (m Groves), Joseph (my 4g grandfather, m Timmins), Thomas (m Green) and John.

    Joseph, b 19 Sept 1762 at Causeway Meadows, Dodderhill and died 21 June 1808. He married Sarah Timmins 6 Nov 1784 at Dudley, St. Thomas. Sarah was born about 1762, Kinver, Staffordshire and died about 1834, Astwood. They had 10 children: William, Joseph (m Bradley), Thomas, Humphrey, Samuel (my 3g grandfather, m Preston), Sarah (m Aston), Diana (m Pritchard), John Timmins, Richard, Elizabeth (m Tompkins).

    Now my 3g grandfather, Samuel Nash (b 1791 Causeway Meadows, d 6 March 1850, b St. Michael's Church) and his wife, Ann Preston (b 22 April 1798 Gayton, Staffordshire, d 10 Dec 1881, buried St. Michael's Church) were married 16 Oct 1817 in Inkberrow and they had 17 children!!! Richard Preston (m Arthars), Joseph (my 2g grandfather, m Sherwood), Sarah (m Adkins), Samuel (m Pritchard), Thomas (m Kent), Ann (m Jackson), Diana (my 2g grandmother, yes I am a double Nash!, m Wells), Edith (m Hunt), Elizabeth (m Cope), George (m Kent), Mary (m Forbes), Humphrey (m Shanahan), Charlotte (m Cope), John (m Fowler), Emma (died young), William (died young), William Preston (m Boniface). Whew!

    And then eventually the line goes down to me. Both of my 2 great grandparents, Joseph and Diana Nash came to the States and that is where I live.

    Sorry this is a bit long winded but I wanted to reach out to anyone who has ancestors in the Dodderhill area.... Look forward to hearing from you, Judy
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