Effects of Battle of Culloden on Borders area

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    I've been chasing down My Gr Gr Grandsfather George Armstrong and find him born in Illminster Somerset England in 1806. He married Lucy Susan Barber there and had two children there. His father was John Armstrong and mother was Joan Wills. I find their marriage record for Aug 30 1787 also in Illminster Somerset England. That's as far back as I have gotten because I can't seem to find either before this time frame. .

    Now when I was originally looking for George Armstrong I was advised to look in Northumberland and the Borders because that is where the Armstrongs originally came from. Instead I find them diagonally opposite in the South West corner of the country.

    So my question and thought train is the battles leading up to and after Culloden disrupted more than just part of Scotland. Does this means that the Armstrongs may have been forcibly displaced.

    I can only guesstimate that he was born 20 years earlier about 1767 and I have no idea how "settled down" the country was by then. Culloden was just 22 years before then.

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