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    The International Genealogical Index is exactly what it says – an index. It was originally created in 1969 and is a database of records that have been submitted by people, organisations and Church records from the 1500s up to 1885. This index was created as an index to the ordinances (baptism, sealing and endowment) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and when used as such is 100% accurate. It is not an index of parish registers even though genealogists use it as such.

    However, over the years, Family Search has added to their records and now has over 4 billion records world-side as well as links to on-line digital images, available for the most part through partner organisations.

    When you find a record that has been transcribed, you will also find source references that show either the batch number or microfilm number where the information came from. Using these numbers, you should be able to order the original film at a Family History Centre so that you may view the details yourself. Family History Centres may be found in most larger towns and cities throughout the world. A full list may be found at:


    You are looking at an index in most cases or transcriptions made by third parties. Please treat them as you would any record found by a third party and always check out the original if at all possible.

    Family Search is a FREE website but should only be used as a starting point for your research.
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