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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Ma-dotcom, Jul 18, 2020.

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    South Australia
    Today I received an email from FMP suggesting they had a record which I'd want to see, involving a 1891 census.
    "After your last record search we did some research of our own – we might've found something interesting.
    Take a look –
    see if it matches the person you were looking for."

    When I clicked on their button I was faced with their page of costs per sub.

    Certainly does as I found years ago.
    Is this a new prompt from FMP to re charge our subscriptions?

    Has anyone else had similar or am I the only one who has not re subsribed.?
  2. Sis

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    Beckenham, Western Australia
    I get them Wendy, but as I currently have a subscription it takes me straight to the hint.
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    County Durham, UK
    I get these and I have a subscription too ... and I think they are trying to be helpful ... or maybe just point me to something not included in my sub? tbh they've always sent me to something that is included in my sub (so far) but it's never anything I wanted to see that I hadn't already seen. I suppose it might be useful for newbies? Hmmm

    (if you do have a sub you can turn off these notifications)

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