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    Not sure if the following has been posted elsewhere but I couldn't see it so here goes :)

    This is from an email I received from RootsIreland, in case anyone asks the question, no, I'm not looking for anyone in Armagh, I once did some research for a friends elderly aunt so every so often I get these emails. I could unsubscribe but since they could contain something of interest to members of GS I let them continue, it's not like the emails come in at nuisance levels.

    Armagh Records

    9th October 2017 By Brendan Scott

    Armagh Ancestry has continued their Church record computerisation throughout 2016/2017. These newly-inputted records have yet to be fully validated which may take some time to complete, so are not yet available to search at Instead, Armagh Ancestry are offering to conduct a manual search of these new records (listed below) for a specific ancestor and the fee for this is £10 GBP. Payment can be made online via www (dot) genealogyireland. (dot) ie. For further details, contact Armagh Ancestry at

    (Live links removed as it is a commercial website)
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