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Discussion in 'Norfolk' started by Kathryn Burton, Dec 30, 2018.

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    I have a tip that Geoffrey Edward and Marion Allen may have been married in North Walsingham, Norfolk UK in 1869 but i cannot find a record. Geoffrey Edward was born in about 1850. His occupation was journalist and there may have been a connection to Wide World Magazine. One of the TOP DOG members found a Wide World article by Edward Burton (1908) so he may have gone by the name Edward although this could also be a brother? I think this is a likely scenario as they would have been travelling the world and hence the lack of records in Australia and the UK.

    They had a son, William Albert Burton that was born in about 1888, supposedly in Neutral Bay in Sydney but i suspect he was born overseas as there is no record of his birth in Australia or the UK.

    Does anyone know of any Burton family trees in North Walsingham?
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    I haven't found the marriage for you, but there may be a bit of confusion over place names.

    There's a town called North Walsham, between Norwich and Cromer. (Also a much smaller village called South Walsham, to the east of Norwich.)

    Then in north Norfolk, a few miles north of Fakenham, there are the adjacent villages of Great and Little Walsingham.

    I'm not sure which will be the correct one here.

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