Glossop Area Family Histories

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    Around 20 years ago I created a set of web pages - one for each of our family names plus some others - containing the results of our analysis which we thought might have been useful to other researchers (happily it was in some cases). These included some marital links between the various families.

    Our research then stalled to an extent between 2005 and 2016 because of various other calls on my time. Returning to research in 2016 I was able to easily access far more information than was possible in the early days and discovered errors in those early pages which should not really be published as they only serve to confuse. The old pages were, therefore, deleted and replaced by a set of pages generated from the database by the Ged2www program.

    That set is still available but I have now found time to create a set of web pages based on families, but with more detail where available – pages which can be added to as time passes and more information comes to light.

    Hopefully some people will find these pages of Glossop Area Family Histories - – useful.
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