Goodchild, Shalford, Essex

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    I have a couple of Order of service booklets (just basic folded A4 sheet) from Shalford in Essex for Andrew John GOODCHILD died 1963 and Winifred May GOODCHILD died 1973.

    Not much in the way of personal information, just the hymns and prayers.

    May be of interest to someone? @Findem I noticed you have mentioned a couple of GOODCHILD’s but London location.

    I’ve found a couple of relevant Ancestry trees, but thought I’d try on here first.
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    NSW, Australia, ex Chelmsford Essex
    I haven't any Goodchilds in my tree, I can't recall mentioning them perhaps I was commenting in someone else's tree.

    Forget that last statement, just carried out a search on G S and found my interest was just to help a friend's brother in law remove a brick wall, I presume he is now carrying out the research.
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