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    can anyone help - I am looking for a Benjamin Goodman who married a Mary Myers in 1791 and have found 3 sons born to them in Wapping.I have not found his birth or death. I have found a B.Goodman in Clerkenwell, New Prison in 1841, and a B. Goodman in 1849 in Christ Church Workhouse. Do you think that's him?
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    Do you have a date for his admission Maggie?
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    There are lots of criminal activities for a Benjamin Goodman - so likely the B Goodman in prison in 1841.

    Can you give us names and birth dates for the children please.
    Have you found the children or Mary (if still alive) in 1841?
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    The baptismal transcriptions for the baptisms of William in 1796, Thomas in 1799 and John in 1803, all at Wapping St John, show that Benjamin was a Coal/Timber Dealer. There look to be 2 other possible baptisms for children of Benjamin & Mary, a Catherine on 6 August 1809 of 36 Cable Street and Jane on 25 August 1811 of Catharine Street, both at St George in the East, Stepney (available to view on Ancestry), where Benjamin is shown as a Timber Merchant.

    Certainly according to one of the criminal records in 1841 regarding Benjamin GOODMAN he is shown as a Labourer. The 1841 census of St James Clerkenwell, where Benjamin GOODMAN is a Prisoner, shows his occupation as a Groom.

    What may be relevant to you, given the address of the Benjamin GOODMAN when a daughter Catherine was born/baptised, is a PCC Will dated 11 February 1812 and proved on 7 October 1819, of a Benjamin GOODMAN of 26 Cable Street, St George, Middlesex, who is a Broker. The children of this Benjamin GOODMAN are obviously young, though unfortunately not named, as he requests his brother William GOODMAN & a William NASH to be both Executors and Guardians of his children. No wife is mentioned in this Will.

    There is also a burial at Wapping St John on 30 September 1819 for a Benjamin GOODMAN of St George's E, aged 63, which gives a birthdate of c1756, which could be relevant to you, plus a burial at Wapping St John on 4 June 1811 for a Mary GOODMAN. St George, Child-bed, aged 40. This would tie in quite well with the baptism of daughter Jane in 1811 as Jane was born on 27 May 1811.

    This would need more research on your part, but sounds a possible scenario. If you can find the marriage records of the children of Benjamin & Mary, it hopefully may be able to prove or disprove this theory.

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