Great Eastern Railway employees.

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    The Essex Records Office's latest blog might be of interest, apparently the ERO have some bound copies of the GER staff magazine.


    I've place a gap between essex and record

    Apparently the ERO have some bound copies of the GER magazine and the blog shows some snippets of an October 1918 issue.

    One extract shows a page of named photos of railway personnel, in uniform, who are serving in the WW1 forces, I noted both army of various regiments and Navy personnel.

    There are a couple of illustration of the latest 1918 war time fashions for ladies with a short article containing the comment "At some distance it will be well-nigh impossible to distinguish mother from her 14 year old daughter, for both will be wearing dresses of equal length."

    Also a couple of recipes for Egg-less cakes.

    The drawback is that they are not digitised so they would have to be viewed at the ERO.
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    I think we have already mentioned the use of railway staff magazines, not only for railway information but also for those who lost their lives in the First World War. Companies such as the GER and GWR normally published a photograph of all of their men who had been killed. Copies of the GER Magazine are available in various places - there should, for example, be a full set in the University of Leicester Library, while others are in private collections. I would think that individual copies could be obtained via the inter-library loan service.

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