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Hi. Could I be descended from a brewer with noble blood?

Discussion in 'General Family History Queries' started by Aspiring Posho, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Aspiring Posho

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    Hi. I signed up to this forum because I thought some people might be able to help with my query. My four-times-great-grandfather Jobe Henry West was born in Chatham in 1802, married a Catharine Wells in Finsbury in 1822 and died in Croydon in 1880. He had a stable career working for a brewery, but it seems his ancestry may be possibly more interesting than I originally thought. According to Jobe's sister's descendants, their father John West (born c. 1762?) was the son of a peer, and their mother Eleanor (possibly née Farrell, born c. 1768?) was the illegitimate daughter of a former Duke of Norfolk and a 'Lady Barrymore'. I've managed to find out Eleanor was born circa the late 1760s in London, I think. Before bulking out this post with all that I know, I must point out it is all speculation at the moment, and I'm looking for evidence that it's true.

    In John's case, his peer father had large estates in Middlesex, notably in Camden Town, around and including Red Cap Tavern. John however was apprenticed to a builder opposite old Hornsey Church whose business he eventually took over at one point and never seemed to have claimed his inheritance, if he was indeed entitled to one. It would make sense that he was connected to De La Warr barony if this is true, although this is just my educated guess based on the West surname. Apparently John's younger son James always said there was a link to the Sackville-West family. There is a mention somewhere of John working in the Chatham dockyard for some years, which explains Jobe's birthplace.

    In Eleanor's case, her supposed father could've been Charles Howard, who when Eleanor was in her late teens became 11th Duke of Norfolk and started repairing the dilapidated traditional family estate of Arundel Castle. The time-frame fits and Charles certainly had a few children on the wrong side of the blanket. It would also explain the aural rumour that Eleanor spent her childhood at Arundel. But if she did spend her younger years on a Howard estate, it very well might've been Norfolk House, which makes sense considering she was London-born. Extra fuel to the proverbial fire is that a drawing of her exists which shares some similarity to a portrait of Charles - they both have a prominently bulbous chin. Considering the guesswork, is there any firm evidence at all that Jobe West has noble blood from one/both of his parents?
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  2. Sandiep

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    Bloxham Oxfordshire
    there is a John West married to an Eleanor Birt 7 Oct 1787 Saint Clements Danes and she is the wife on some Trees but none have any royal connections on them......always difficult to prove when illegitimate but some good researchers on here so you never know:D
  3. gillyflower

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    Lincoln, Lincolnshire England
    Well I do hope you find some success with your search.:) Do please make sure you have the sources though to back everything up. Do not rely alone on family trees. Good luck:)
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  4. MollyMay

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    this marriage was by banns,
    John signed his name and Eleanor made her mark
    Witnesses Ann West and John Parkines

    An Eleanor Birt was baptised 26/2/1768 in Finsbury d/o william and Mary
  5. janetbooth

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    Congleton, Cheshire
    Ancestry Select Births & Baptisms show the following children, in addition to Job Henry, to John & Eleanor WEST baptised at Chatham:

    James William on 22 November 1795, son of John & Eleanor WEST
    Eleanor on 18 February 1798, daughter of John & Eleanor WEST
    William James on 24 August 1800, son of John & Eleanor WEST
    Esther on 18 December 1803, daughter of John & Eleanor WEST
    Eliza on 2 September 1804, daughter of John & Eleanor WEST

    I cannot find a likely marriage in Kent prior to the baptism of son James William but perhaps this marriage at St Mary, Teddington (parish register entry available to view on Ancestry) on 1 February 1795 between a John WEST & Eleanor NOBES, both of the parish, is a better fit datewise for the above baptisms.

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