Hourican/Reilly Budd/Finch Farr/tigg Slack/Brighting Sargeant/Huggett.......

Discussion in 'Research Names' started by Lindylou, Jan 21, 2017.

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    Hampshire U.K.
    These are some of the names I am currently researching. I have already found some information, and more with the help of you lovely people on this site.

    Hourican/Reilly/Treacy..... Co. Cavan/Dublin Ireland and Hampshire U.K.
    Budd/Finch...Steep Hampshire. Cottisford Oxfordshire and Portsmouth Hampshire.
    Farr/Tigg or Sigg...Liss Hampshire.
    Slack/Brighting...Huntingdon and London.
    Davis/Sargeant/Huggett...Portsmouth Hants. and Swansea Wales. East Grinstead.
    Withers/Hoare...Portsmouth Hampshire.
    Trannah/Budd...Portsmouth Hampshire.
    Loughnane/Whitby...Ireland and London.

    I would be very grateful if anyone has ay further i formation on any of these families.
    Thank you.
    Kind Regards
    Lindylou XXX
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