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    If you have not used a forum before – or maybe it had a different set-up to us – then posting a new thread can be a little confusing.

    The easiest way is to follow these steps:

    Find the section/sub-forum where you want to post your question.
    Towards the top right hand corner, you will see this: Post New Thread.JPG

    Click on that, and a new page appears:

    Create thread.JPG

    Give your question a title, write the question in the main box and then click on the Create Thread button at the bottom.

    Your thread will then appear at the top of the section/sub-forum but also will appear in the New Posts section.

    If all else fails, click on the Contact button at the bottom of the page to send a message through to Admin and we will do our best to help. :)
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    Brilliant. I will follow these clues.....each time, no doubt. :rolleyes:;) Thank you.
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