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    There are many words and phrases used in the records to signify illegitimacy (unlawful, illegal) :
    bastard ; base; baseborn; begotten in fornication; by-blow; child of shame; lovechild; merrybegot; , merry begotten; misbegotten; ill begotten; lanebegot; scapebegotten; basterino; chanceling; whoreson; spurious; nothus; viciatus;

    In Latin there are filius nullius (son of none - the girl did not know or want to say); filius populi (son of the people - anyone's guess); filius meretricis (son of a prostitute).

    Use of the term "illegitimate child" is now falling out of favour even in legal contexts. Expressions such as "extramarital child", "natural child", "love child" and "child born out of wedlock" are more commonly used.

    The 1235 Statute of Merton stated : "He is a bastard that is born before the marriage of his parents."

    This definition also applied to situations when a child's parents were in an incestuous relationship.

    In medieval Wales, all children, whether born in or out of wedlock, that were acknowledged by the father, enjoyed the same legal rights, including the right to share in the father's estate. A bastard simply meant a child not acknowledged by its father.

    English bastardy law was in practice formed by the Poor Law of 1576. In an effort to relieve the parish from the cost of supporting mother and child.

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