Lewis Thomas Haynes Ackermann

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    A small offshoot of the prolific Ackermans decided to add another -n on the end of their name, maybe it seemed more refined, I'm not sure

    One such was Lewis, born 25 Sep 1910 in Sidcup, never married, died 25 Jan1970 in Tunbridge Wells

    He had me slightly intrigued in 1939 when he was described as a 'Literary Worker and Commercial Artist'

    What really got me excited was finding out on his probate that he was also known as John Pendragon. I always love an alias, especially one so esoteric and grandiose.

    John Pendragon was (apparently) England's most celebrated clairvoyant and prophet, though his prediction about the loss of America's East Coast due to flooding never came to pass. It was supposed to happen in or before 1993, at least he never knew he was wrong
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