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    I was recently looking at a family who were living in Edward Street, Greenwich in 1881 and 1891. But the husband died in Earlswood Street in 1893.

    I could find no reason for the sudden move and it was not until I received the will of the wife, that it became clear: the will stated that she was "late of Earlswood Street (formerly known as Edward Street)".

    This led me to explore further (as you do... ) and I discovered this website:
    It states:

    The street renaming scheme was started in 1857 by the Metropolitan Board of Works (MBW), encouraged by the General Post Office, after the MBW was given control by the Metropolis Local Management Act of 1855 and Postal Districts were introduced in 1856. It carried on after the London County Council (LCC) was formed to replace the, allegedly corrupt, MBW. Most of the final changes occurred in a 'big push' that took place between 1936 and 1939.

    Very helpful if it seems that someone has upped sticks and moved somewhere else with no good reason. ;)
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