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Discussion in 'WWI (1914 - 1918)' started by Lone Pine, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Aaah think I have finally solved the mystery of why Nanny said that Grandad had died at the Somme in 1916. So this now this makes a bit of sense to me. What she meant was that Grandad was declared KIA in Gallipoli at the Court of Enquiry at Fleurbaix which was part of the attack of Fromelles/Fleurbaix which the Aussie were involved in on 19 - 20th July 1916 (5th Battalion AIF, as the 4th Battalion was decimated after Lone Pine and it took a year for them to become a fighting force again) which was a subsidiary to the Battle of the Somme. Hence why she said Battle of the Somme talk about playing around with facts oh god. Still lived with the lie but now I can see how she came up with the Somme. it was a real puzzle why she said the Somme. So I think that mystery maybe solved.
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