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    It does not matter what it says on their info page as I would not, at the time of purchase, need to look at that to buy it. I bought my copy from a reputable source and on the rear of the case under Licence Agreement. it says " Use of this product is subject to certain restrictions and limitations of warranty under the licence agreement contained herein...." but, contained herein within the 8 page booklet I see no copy of any licence agreement.
    Certainly I think site members on here are friends who all enjoy helping each other in their hobby
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    With any software/computer disks/access to websites such as Ancestry and Find My Past, if you offer to undertake look-ups, then it could be infringement of copyright of the person/organisation that created that information source.

    I know that if I had spent time and money creating data disks of information that someone had bought a copy of for their personal use, and then that person advertised that they would undertake look-ups from my information, I would not be best pleased - and probably come down on them like a ton of bricks.

    Therefore, the safest option is not to offer to undertake look-ups of this nature.

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