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    Newspapers are an excellent source of information for the family historian and many now are being made available online.

    Here are some examples of early articles.

    Extract of a Letter from Balldock, Hertfordshire, May 31. 1775

    "Saturday May 20th, a Tanner of Hitchen Back-Street, returning late from his work, found his wife had gone to bed, but had forgot to lock the door. The husband blundering in, in the dark, just gave time to another, who had supplied his place, to get under the bed. The husband had put off his clothes, and was getting into bed, when his wife complained she was very ill, and should be glad of some anniseed water, but feared the public houses were all shut up, except the Sun inn, which was at the greatest distance.-- The honest man put on his clothes, and went to the Sun, where, putting his hand into his pocket for a shilling to pay for the water, the waiter returned it to him, telling him he could not change his guinea. The man, amazed to hear mention of a guinea, (as knowing he had but a few shillings) hastily put his hand again into his pocket, and pulled out nine more, with a ten pound bank note, and on further examination found he had got on a new pair of breeches and a fine watch.-- Comprehending the whole in an instant, he observed, with the coolness of a philosopher, that the affair was over before this, and what was done could not be undone; as his wife therefore, had been so industrious in putting him into so much ready money, he would have a bottle of wine first, and then carry her Anniseed Water. The Tanner had the breeches cried on Tuesday in the open market, but has not at present found an owner.

    Saturday 8th February 1772
    Creswell's Nottingham & Newark Journal

    A Fraud
    A person who calls himself Edward Pannel, alias Hart Nations, alias Edward
    Woodward, went out Wednesday the 29th January, to Mr. Hutchinson's, Watchmaker
    in Worksop, and there enquired for a Silver Watch (made by Evereds, London) in the
    Name of William Bellamy, who had left it to be repaired ; which he fraudulently
    obtained, and went off with the same Day, and has not since been heard of : He is a
    tallish Man, about five Feet ten Inches high, of a black Complexion, long visag'd large
    Eyes, and a Dimple in his Chin, well proportioned but rather bends in the knees ; his Hair
    dark and lank, but short, and sometimes wears a false Tail. At the same Time he took
    with him a dark Thick let Frock, a fine Shirt, a strong Linen Shirt, a printed
    Handkerchief, and a Pair of black Stockings, the Property of John Clarke, of South
    Henston. He had on a little new ruff Hat, with a black Ribbon and Buckle-about it.
    Whoever will apprehend the above Felon, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall
    receive One Guinea Reward.

    Bath, August 18 1773

    Lately died at East Town, in the parish of Steeple-Ashton, Wilts.,
    Assina Newman, a woman, who in the space of two years, had been tapped
    40 times for the dropsy, and a full six gallons of water taken from her
    each time ; but this diorder did not occasion her death (as she was
    remarkably stout during the time of these operations) but her
    imprudently taking large quantities of rhubarb.

    Cresswell's Nottingham & Newark Journal Sept. 25 1773

    Whereas John Tyney, Apprentice to Mr. Robert Brooks, F.w.k. in Butdye,
    absconded his masters service some time since; he is 5 feet high, much
    freckled, light curl'd hair, hump back, had on a dark frize coat, a
    green or red waistcoat, and a pair of leather breeches.
    Also, Jouathan Jelly, apprentice to Mr Thomas Roberts, F.w.k. in
    Broadmarsh, absented his masters service in July last ; he is 5 feet 4
    inches high, strong made, dark hair, had on thickset coat and waistcoat,
    with white metal buttons, and leather breeches, Also, John Gracie
    apprentice to Mr. Joseph Holwell, cordwainer, absconded his masters
    service some time since, he is 5 feet 7 inches high, dark hair, had on
    an orange-coloured red coat and waistcoat, and a pair of leather
    These are to discharge all persons from harbouring or employing the said
    apprentices, as they will be prosecuted with the utmost severity as the
    law directs, by the society of Manufactures at Mr. Lee's the Peacock, in
    St. Peter's Gate.
    Any person who will secure or bring the said apprentices to the club
    house shall be amply paid, and all charges Mr. Matthew Booker, Clerk to
    the society.

    May 7th, 1773

    Wherpas on Saturday the 17th of April last, Elizabeth alias Ann Selby,
    late of the parish of Remston, in the County of Nottingham, (who since
    lived in the Town of NOTTINGHAM, two Years or upwards, where she hath
    committed several Crimes, and for one of them was publickly whipt) came
    into the Parish of Snenton, in the said County of Nottingham, and was
    there delivered of a Female Cild. She had all proper Care taken of her
    by the Parish Officers, but before she was taken to be examined before a
    Magistrate, did on Monday Evening the 3rd of this Inst. May, abscond and
    runn away from Snenton aforesaid, the place where she lay in, and did
    there leave her Child. She is a middle-sized Woman, between thirty and
    forty Years of Age ; had on a dirty strip'd Cotton Gown, with brown
    spots, or a blue and white Check Tammy Gown, black Silk Hat, a Quilt of
    two Colours, brown behind Check before, a brown Cloth Cloak and Plaid
    Apron. Whoever can give Intelligence of the aforesaid Elizabeth alias
    Ann Selby, (so that she may be apprehended, and brought to Justice) to
    Thomas Leeson, Constable of Snenton aforesaid, shall receive ONE GUINEA
    Reward, and all reasonable Charges.

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