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    Research Nonconformist Records

    1 : If the Parish Registers contain few records of your ancestors this could point to them being nonconformist.

    2 : Check Trade Directories to ascertain places of worship in the town or village.

    3 : Many nonconformist registers have been deposited at the Local Record Office or the Public Record Office, but be aware some chapels still retain their own records.

    4 : Baptist registers will normally record births rather than baptisms as infant baptisms are to be avoided.

    5 : Check Minute Books as these may contain details of the character of your ancestor and are a rich source of information.

    6 : Quakers (The Society of Friends) normally have precise well written records, including marriage records which include the signatures of all adults present at the wedding.

    7 : When using Quaker records be aware of the calendar change in 1752 prior to that the First Month was March.

    8 : Few Roman Catholic were kept before the later part of the 18th century for fear of discovery, though records of Recusants may be found in the Quarter Session records.

    9 : Catholic records were normally written in latin, baptism records will show the mother's maiden name, marriages prior to 1837 will appear in the Anglican registers.

    10 : Remember preachers often covered a circuit and the records could be held in one central register, plot the chapels on a map and spread your net wide.
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