Pavitts and Paffords and Pav***s... oh, my.

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    I would love some help with a double-quandary involving the Pavitt and Pafford (aka: Pavit, Pavet, Pavot, Perfect, Paverd, Pavard, Pavord, and Pavoord) families. The primary setting is the border of Somerset and Dorset… with rather lengthy extensions into the States, Newfoundland, and New Zealand.

    I will try to state this as clearly as I can but it does get a bit complex. First: I have a Y-DNA match to Paffords (four related gentlemen) in NL (plus one Perfect — an apparent variant of the surname — in the States); the earliest spelling of the surname in NL was “Pavoord”. They have not previously been able to trace their English roots. I also have a “familial” — and just possibly a genetic — link to the Pavitts of Dorset, thus: my 2GG William Henry Childs was base born in 1812; 13 years later, mother Ann Chiles/Childs married John Pavitt. The fact that their subsequent Pavitt family (my 2GG at least twice used the surname, and is shown as William Childs Pavitt) is recorded in one census under the name “Pavord” is at least a supportive hint at why I might have the Y-DNA connection to the Paffords/Pavoords.

    GEDMatch believes the connection is via a common ancestor about five generations back. That would be right at the tier of John & Ann (Childs) Pavitt.

    Now: we have found a Pavord/Paverd/Pavert family in Dorset — the family of Thomas, Sr. (1792-1858) and Jane Woods — with sons Samuel and Thomas, born at just about the perfect (no pun intended) times to be the Samuel Pavoord and brother Thomas who are the earliest known forebears of the NL Paffords. Samuel and Thomas — by family lore — came to Canada before 1852 expecting to connect with a family member named John; also, the Pafford gents have hitherto unexplained autosomal DNA connections to NZ. Well, those sons of Thomas, Sr. & Jane are shown in online trees as having not one, but two brethren named John; and one, John Woods Pavard, winds up in… New Zealand.

    One wee problem: family history is pretty clear that immigrants Samuel and Thomas, young and inexperienced at sea, drowned together in 1852. Questionable (IMHO) online entries show Thomas, son of Thomas, dying in Hampshire in 1873 under the surname Pafford (there is another, more logical, Hampshire-born Thomas Pafford who I would say better fits the bill).

    We — the Paffords and I — are seeking any records, DNA results, deep intuitive insights (really!), and-cetera that might a) bulwark the case that the sons of Thomas, Sr., and Jane are indeed the forebears of the Pavoords/Paffords of NL; and b) any solid evidence that explains my Y-DNA connection to them by connecting John Pavitt/Pavord to Thomas, Sr. & family (I cannot yet find that connection in the records available to me). We could readily explain an autosomal DNA connection via Thomas & spouse, per Jane’s lineage through the Woods and Watts clans… but not the Y-DNA result.

    All insights and helpful opinions welcome. And thank you for listening.

    — Christopher
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