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Discussion in 'Court Records' started by AnnaJenny, Feb 8, 2016.

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    Is it possible to check the Petty Sessions records for Bingham 1929?
    I have found mention of Ernest Arthur LUSH in the Nottingham Evening Post 24 Oct 1929. The same report also says he was placed on probation for one month by the West London Police Court a few months previously.
    Any advice on where to look appreciated.
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    I doubt you would find a better report of Ernest's misdemeanour than that newspaper report. The only thing it doesn't tell you is where he served his sentence. I've had a look to see if I could find his previous offence for which he was sentenced to probation, but, I suspect, as it was a case of theft of boots, it may not have made the papers. As, on that occasion, he was given probation as opposed to a custodial sentence, I think the papers may have not bothered reporting it. I will keep looking, just in case, but I think you have got as much as you are likely to :( And what a sad story that led him to his offence - it really could be said that there is nothing new.

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