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    William Phillimore Watts Phillimore (formerly Stiff) founded the publishing company which bears his name in 1897.
    One of his visions was to transcribe every parish register in the land starting with the marriage registers.
    He was helped in this by a number of enthusiasts in their own localities such as T.M. Blagg, W.G.D.Fletcher, F. Johnson, C.W. Rushton-Harrison, J. Sadler, H.W. Seager, LL. LL. Simpson, C.W. Whistler and many others including a number of Vicars and Rectors.

    The plan was to transcribe the registers first then index them but unfortunately the immense task proved too big for them to carry out.
    As a result very few registers containing births and burials were transcribed and although their efforts culminated in a huge number of marriage registers (over 1523) being transcribed there were still numerous registers not included.
    London parishes, Yorkshire parishes having few transcribed and many other northern counties have none at all transcribed.

    I feel we genealogists/family historians of the 21st century sometimes do not recognise the immense task that faced those Victorian pioneers who transcribed the registers.

    Everything was done by hand in less than perfect lighting and conditions, often in a cold church or sometimes in the vicarage.
    Although such a task is called a transcription it often also included a translation from Latin and one could even suggest the transposition from the cleric’s script to type was more of a translation than anything else.
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    Hi Guy,Cornwall Mges are very well covered and the OPC Group have copied them and they are on our database. As you will know it meant plodding through individual parishes in the original books.
    The transcribers also make comments on the state of the registers at that time. Pages or even whole books missing,or the general state of them
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    Ontario, Canada
    This is most useful as I have been using the Cornwall OPC website for many months.

    I thank each and every member of Cornwall OPC for their work.

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