Photograph of St John's Limehouse?

Discussion in 'London' started by MollyMay, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Hi, I stumbled across this web site and would like to add comments... ... I was born in the Mile End Hospital 09.11.1942 and was baptised in St Johns Limehouse 6th December 1942... ... surprised to find it was destroyed by bombing in 1940!!! My document is no doubt quite standard, all hand written, given the name of the vicar who performed the service as H.J. Johnson. Would/could this have been performed at the church in Burdett road? My mum was living in Midlothian Road between the two churches, there is just one building left in this road, I think it is now a food place, it was a pub called The Aunt Sally Ho Hum. have fun.
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    Hello GandT, alas I have no one left who I could ask if your baptism was in Burdett Road. I have checked my late brother's baptism certificate (born 1938 when my family were living in Cayley Street), but it does not have the name of the minister on it. When my parents married in 1937 the officiating minister was H J L Stephens.
    Ann found this from the Metropolitan Archives, so it does look a distinct possibility that this where you were baptised.

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