Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum

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    As promised some pictures from our visit to the above museum.
    1st Picture is self explanatory
    2nd Picture is a view of the part of the Ghetto street, looking from the outside in
    3rd Picture Looking from the same street to the outside
    4th Picture Just a very small sample of the names these names stretch all the way up the "ghetto" street both sides of the board.
    5th Picture The little house that they found as the picture shows and they have restored it, they moved it from a Ghetto street to place it in the Museum.
    6th Picture The little house as it is now, they told me that 30 people lived in that house
    7th Picture Inside the Little House, the furniture is real 40s furniture and would be how the Little House looked at the time of the Ghetto.
    8th Picture A bed which again the frame is real 1940s bed frame I think, although not sure that the furniture actually came out of the Ghetto
    9th Picture A picture of how the Ghetto looked in the 40s.
    10th Picture: This was how a house looked after the Nazis had taken the people away to be killed, they went through everything looking for valuables, and not its not person there is a dolly, its just the way its come out in the picture.

    A very sobering subject, but I do have to say that the Museum people were just so pleased to see us and made us so welcome, I have never had welcome like that in a Museum wonderful people and my grateful thanks to the Rabbi who said I could take what pictures I wanted. What lovely people.

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