Rowand, Thomson & Pattison

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    Some Renfrewshire ancestors that I'm researching.
    THOMSON 1. 1797+ RFW
    ROWAND 2. Now - 1745 RFW, ON & MB
    Pattison 5. 1752+ RFW, SCT

    Husband: Andrew Rowand Parents: Abraham & Agnes (Martin) Rowand
    born: 21 MAY 1745 place: Abbey (Paisley), RFW, SCT (REF: IGI)
    marr: January 27, 1781 place: Abbey (Paisley), RFW, SCT perhaps(27 Jan 1780)
    died: 12.9.1830 place: Paisley Abbey Churchyard, RFW, SCT age 80 (REF: Root Chat )
    buried: place:
    Wife: Agnes Pattison
    born: 27 Nov 1752 place: Low Paisley, RFW, SCT
    died: place:
    buried: place:

    #6 Abraham Rowand
    born: 15 AUG 1790 place: Abbey (Paisley)RFW, SCT
    marr: 24 MAR 1823 place: High Church, Paisley, RRW, SCT
    died: 14 Jun., 1878 place: Ontario
    buried: place:
    spouse: Jean Thomson
    Parents: James Thomson & Jean Rowan

    Husband: James Thomson Parents: William & Margaret Orr Thomson
    bapt: 20 MAR 1777 place: Abbey (Paisley), RFW
    marr: 08 JAN 1796 place: High Church, Paisley, Renfrewshire
    died: place:
    buried: place:
    Wife: Jean (Jane) Rowan

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