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    Civil Registers

    In Scotland do not start until 1855.
    One benefit was records that are more detailed than their English equivalents.

    All Scottish birth, marriage and death records are held at New Register House in Edinburgh.
    They are fully indexed and, researchers may view digitised images or microfiche copies of the actual records, before purchase.
    Uncertified may be purchased if Certified certificates are not required.

    Scottish records often give more information than their English counter-parts.

    Old Parochial Registers (Church of Scotland only) pre 1855
    These may go back as far as the 1500s, but most begin around 1700.
    However it was not compulsory to register and registers have been lost, damaged or are simply unreadable.

    The few death records that exist are not indexed.
    If you do have the date of birth or the parents full names, then the OPRs may provide further information.

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