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    As some of you know, I have a little blog of profiles and tidbits on my family history. The group here was very helpful on the children of my great-grandfather, John W Arendall. When I was researching his parents, Pleasant M Arendall and Martha Ash, I came to realize that there is no information on his siblings, aside from one early census mention and some "died young" listings on gravestones. I came to the conclusion that John was the only one to have children.

    This past week, in the stats page of the admin area of the blog, I noticed that someone had visited my profile of John and clicked the link to his Findagrave memorial. I make it a habit to click through on these myself, to make sure they still work. Well! Someone has added a photo of John's obituary from 1922 that says he's survived by a sister, Jessie Turner! I found her info, married to Earley V Turner in 1880. Sadly, according to the 1900 census, they had 6 children, 0 (zero) living. :( I guess that means I was correct that John's children were the only surviving Arendall descendants from Pleasant and Martha.

    Thought I'd share. :) Be sure and check back on those sources, including the "user contributed" ones!
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