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    Can anyone clarify a few things from these 'deaths at sea' records please?
    "St. Kath" I take to be St. Katherines dock in London, Name of ship "McLeod" sailiing to Huedra in Spain. 'James aged 15 drowned while at Huedra. Burial?? ashore or at sea?
    William below died of yellow fever. his belongings 'sold'? Would that be because he had no family to send them to or he owed the company? I don't quite understand the red writing in the 3rd column. I managed to work out the rest I think as I typed this up so have probably wasted everyone's time . sorry about that. ;)

    I actually reviewed all posts for this lad's family earlier incase I had already asked the question, & found how I originally discovered this death. I had not entered it into Legacy so had to search all over again.:oops: Am now noting all threads next to family members for future reference,-after I go back & check them all again for thread title :rolleyes:
    ship's log of deceased seamen 1874.JPG
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