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    William Speechley b 1822,Yaxley, son of Robert and Mary (Clare) marries Jane Stretton, b 1822, in 1839 in Yaxley,her father shown as William.1841 census has the couple living in Yaxley,later having two daughters,Mary Clare b 1842 and Elizabeth b 1844,before William dies in 1850.
    1851 census, shows Jane,Mary and Elizabeth in the home of Christopher Tittman with all three shown as daughters.I can see no record of a baptism of Jane Tittman.
    Would i be safe in taking this census entry to be an enumerator error,or is there a connection i haven't made?
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    Problem solved,William Stretton dies before Jane is born,mother Sarah marries Christopher Tittman in Oct 1839,census entry in 1851 for Jane should read step daughter.
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    It's lovely when a problem is resolved. :)

    One to look out for - step-daughters recorded as daughters. ;) Another way that they confuse us is by sometimes calling them daughters-in-law, because they have been 'adopted' so it is 'lawful'. o_O

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