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    So to my Dad!! Norman Lewis Bowley born 1929 parents Rose Hannah (Lewis) and Harry Bowley. I now know my Grandad had previously been married to another Rose Hannah who died aged 40 and had had 4 children each who sadly died (Strange both wives had the same name) As far as I know my Dad had two brothers Harry, Edward..and three sister Edna Betty and Margaret. I am intersted to find out if there were any other children who didnt survive? I also Know that my uncle Ted(Edward) was married twice. I only ever knew his second wife Vera but herad that he had chilkdren from his first marriage??
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    Could this be his first marriage?

    Groom: Harry Bowley, Age: 23, Single
    Bride: Rose Hannah Beckett, Age: 23, Single
    Marriage: 29 Jun 1896, St. James, Ashted, Birmingham, England
    G/Father: Edmund Bowley
    B/Father: Samuel Beckett

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    Sorry, I didn't realise that you already had this info. Can be found here
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