The murder of Judith Pearce.

Discussion in 'Wiltshire' started by 3femmes, Aug 19, 2020.

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    How wonderful Michael! Thank-you for your very kind offer. I have purchased a book entitled Wiltshire Murders authored by Nicola Sly. One of her chapters focuses on the murder of Judith Pearce. Any information you are willing to provide will be gratefully received but please take care venturing out and about. I am more than happy to wait until it is safer for you to investigate.
    Once again, thank you Michael for your generous and kind offer.
    Warm regards
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    An interesting read 'Wiltshire Murders' and also interesting that all the accounts have subtle differences! Found guilty on thin evidence.
    And although I'm sure of the Brook Cottage in which Judith lived as I was told of this story at a young age having lived almost next door there is also a Brookside Cottage mentioned in one account and both are within a few hundred meters of each other??
    Glad to help if I can, I can see why this is a difficult task as I took a brief looksee and yes it's not clear at all on the Cottle side!

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