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    fort mcmurray, alberta, canada
    wondering if anyonenon here has any information on the Travers(e)'s from the Netherbury, dorset area??

    I have a ancestry tree done up, and the farthest I've gotten back to is a Thomas Travers( my 5th great grandfather). Who is from the netherbury area. Wife Elizabeth Crabb. Son Robert Travers travelled to nfld, where he married a Mary King. In Upper Small Point/Kingston area in Newfoundland.

    I have two other Travers(e)'s before Thomas. "His" father and grandfather. But im unsure if it's actually connected to Thomas.

    I attached screen shots of the 3 in my family tree. Screenshot_20200719-161116_Ancestry.jpg Screenshot_20200719-161101_Ancestry.jpg Screenshot_20200719-161107_Ancestry.jpg
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