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    As this seems to be a virgin forum I thought that I'd kick it off in case anyone has similar interests, now or in the future as Top Dog gathers new members.

    My main lines of research are the Vines, Cross and Harrold families of Northamptonshire. My Vines direct lines were in Desborough, Bulwick, Deene and Collyweston but of course they spread like topsy into neighbouring villages and eventually into Leicestershire and Rutland. My research is stuck at Edward Vines born around 1765, although I have a couple of candidates.

    My Cross family originated in Harbury, Wawickshire but the main ancestor moved to Cottingham, Northants in the second half of the 19th century.

    Harrold is my wife's line and they were millers (as well as a number of other occupations) in Welford and nearby villages as well as Olney, Bucks.

    All these families are fairly well researched and documented but if you think that you might be related please get in touch and certainly if you know which Edward Vines I am descended from.



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